Foot Pain

Want to ease daily annoying/ irritating foot pain naturally without medication

Why do I have foot pain? Why does it hurt to walk on my feet? My feet have started to hurt a lot when I wake up in the morning, I can’t walk barefoot for at least the first 30 minutes. I experience severe shooting & burning pain. I can’t walk too much anymore without pain. What might be causing this, and what can I do to get rid of this pain?

When it comes to Foot Pain, everybody wants to know:

Why is this pain happening to me?

What is causing this pain?

Most people think their Foot Pain, is going to go away on its own. They will wake up one morning and like “magic”, it will be gone. But when six months later they are still living with nagging pain even worse than the onset it happened then they started to know they have to do something about it.

Does this sound like you?

We see people every week in our physiotherapy clinic that have gone to their doctor only to be given pain medication and told to rest. Six weeks later they are back for more pills as the problem has not been resolved. Medication will mask the symptoms but will not fix the problem.

Has this ever happened to you?

You might be get confused because you’ve been told different things, by different people or you might think you have a foot problem – but it’s your lower leg causing the problem. It’s a very confusing part of the body to diagnose and this makes it difficult to figure out what to do about foot and lower leg pain. Because of this many people just end up accepting their pain as part of their life as if it becomes their normal.

Is this how you feel?

There are five reasons why foot pain could last more than it should be

If any of these scenarios have happened to you, we would be happy to help you by encouraging you to book a call to talk with one of our Physiotherapists at Ultimate Care physiotherapy and Massage Clinic to find out what we are able to do to help you. The fact that you’ve tried any or all these things is truly good because when you know what didn’t work you will save time and our team are qualified in finding what will work for you.

Click the link below to book a call with us if you would like to get a valid, evidence-based free advice over the phone. The phone call is free and there is no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our goal is to help you to make the right decision about the next steps for the best result of your foot pain.

Things that could help in ending your foot and leg pain

Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage clinic can help

To know how the Physiotherapy team at Ultimate Care Physiotherapy can help you live with no foot and leg pain we encourage you to book with a free, no-obligation, risk free educational appointment at our clinic:


This Free educational Session is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about Physiotherapy or unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a free educational session so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can we do to resolve your problem and your pain without any financial risk on you.

How can choose to see a physiotherapist at Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic help you to get rid of your foot and leg pain and stiffness in the next few days?

Our physiotherapist can:

Call our team to see how we can get you back to your normal best life free from chronic foot and leg pain and stiffness Call our team to see how we can get you back to your normal best life free from chronic foot and leg pain and stiffness

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