Virtual / Tele-Rehab Physiotherapy Services



With the sudden change due to COVID-19 and "Social distancing", our virtual physiotherapy service will allow you to continue your physiotherapy treatment and/or rehabilitation while maintaining your current life routine.

Your Location

Living in a rural or remote location can mean you literally live hours away from your nearest Physiotherapy clinic. Our virtual physiotherapy services will be available to you in your place.

Your ability to access transportation

After major surgery and injuries, you are often unable or not allowed to drive to your Physiotherapy sometimes for up to 6 weeks! Our Virtual physiotherapy services will reach you at your home and you do not have to drive or risk your surgery.

Not having the time

We understand that people with "busy" lives often find it hard to find time in their schedule to get to a Physiotherapy. Our virtual physiotherapy services will give them innovative ways of making their time more efficient.

Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic Introducing Virtual Physiotherapy (Tele-Rehabilitation/ Tele-Health PT) Services!

Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic is pleased to announce the launch of Virtual Physiotherapy (Tele-rehabilitation / Tele-health PT) services

Our Dear Clients!

Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic Virtual Physiotherapy is now available. You can now book your virtual physiotherapy appointment today!  This is done using a secure tele-rehab platform service for your privacy through Embodia Academy. With video visits your physiotherapists can provide a diagnosis by listening to your history, discussing your problems, watching you move and guiding you through specific tests. They can demonstrate, teach and send you exercises, techniques, provide educational materials and guidance in pain management strategies. For more information please contact us by email at or by phone at 403 460 5974.

In response to COVID-19, Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic is doing its part to help protect our patients and staff by modifying the availability of services at our clinic. Please call the clinic to seek advice or rebook services.

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 In response to COVID-19, Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic is doing its part to help protect our patients and physiotherapist by modifying the delivery of services at our clinic. We remain open to treat patients requiring urgent care and to provide virtual care options. We have put in place active measures including enhanced the best hygiene practices, social distancing and pre-screening before anyone enters the clinic as per the Public Health Agency of Canada. We continue to monitor updates from federal and provincial colleges, to ensure our policies are aligned. If you are feeling ill, have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days, or have encountered someone who is suspected to have COVID-19, please reach out to your local public health agency. If you need to reschedule an existing booking, please contact us by calling: 403 460 5974. We will keep you updated on any related changes at Ultimate Care Physiotherapy that may affect you. If you have any questions regarding your appointment or your future treatment, please contact us at: 403 460 5974

The Musculoskeletal Conditions for Online Consultations

Recent Research Highlighted the Power of EMPOWERMENT

It showed the vital role that EMPOWERMENT plays, not only in rehabilitation but also in our lives. Patient empowerment is directly linked to the best outcomes.
For example, a herniated disc with sciatica to the foot has traditionally resulted in weeks of disability and high medical costs. When a patient is provided education on the cause and effect of symptoms, they are then in control. This empowerment reduces fear and anxiety and speeds up recovery because the patient understands the cause of their pain and how to reduce it.
When the patient know that a herniated disc is simply a cut in the disc like a cut on his elbow. When he bends his elbow, the cut will open causing bleeding to go further down his arm. Similarly, when he bends in the direction that opens the cut in the disc (usually sitting) there will be more pressure on the nerve causing symptoms to go further down his leg. Changing the position that causes increased pressure on the nerve, such as moving from slouched sitting to walking causing the symptoms to move up from his foot, closer to his back known as centralization.”
The first stage of healing is to apply overpressure or avoid bending his elbow/back for a few days, until scar tissue forms. The next stage is to test the integrity of the scar tissue. If he begins to bend his elbow and it starts to bleed again, then the scar tissue is not yet strong enough. Similarly, if he try to bend his back and his symptoms return then he needs to allow more time for healing. It is also vital to stretch the scar tissue as soon as it is stable by regaining full bending flexibility.
A mechanical assessment that determines ‘directional preference’ along with patient education leads to remarkable outcomes as compared to traditional care.
Traditional care starts with a visit to the primary doctor. Medication (anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant) are usually given along with a prescription for an x-ray.

Research on Back Pain has Proved and recommended Active Treatment over the Passive one

Research backed treatments that have been shown to have a positive influence on back pain:
1. Education to empower, reducing fear and avoidance behavior. Empowerment enables and puts the person in charge rather than a passive patient role. When you are empowered, you have power and are in control. It reduces fear and fear-avoidance behavior. Fear is disabling. Catastrophic thinking or focusing on the worse case scenarios can lead to disability.
2. Mechanical Evaluation to assess for Directional Preference. Directional preference has been associated with excellent outcomes and has also shown to reduce fear and anxiety. ACOEM reviewed all the current research and found directional preference to be the only treatment with a positive outcome. Idiopathic back pain means that we have not figured out the cause, but the cause does exist. Finding the true diagnosis or cause of symptoms is the foundation for treatment. Without a solid foundation, there is nothing to base treatment upon. Other therapies that are currently widespread lack evidence for effectiveness.
3. Maintain activity and keep working Keeping the individual suffering from low back pain moving has a better outcome than any manipulation, mobilization, release or surgery! There are times when activity does need to be modified, but modification should only be for a short period. The goal must always be to return to full function/work duty as achievable. Aerobic activity has also been associated with positive outcomes.

We Should Avoid Passive Care

Research has found that Passive treatments are directly linked to poor outcomes. Passive treatments include bed rest, manipulations, massage, pills, surgery, etc. When you receive passive care, you are no longer in the driver’s seat of your own care. Fear and avoidance behavior lead to delays in recovery and if the fear avoidance becomes a cycle, you develop a disability.

Our Clinic hours

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About Virtual Physiotherapy (Tele-Rehabilitation or Tele-Health)

If in-person services aren’t available in your area or if you’re unable to get to a clinic, you can now connect remotely with Ultimate Care Physiotherapy Clinic through virtual physiotherapy services, which uses video conference technology to provide services at a distance.
Our virtual physiotherapy services are easy to use, private, and most of all convenient.

  • Removes accessibility and/or mobility barriers
  • Connects you with physiotherapy providers regardless of location
  • Protects your privacy through safeguards and robust policies
  • Reduces travel time while still ensuring you receive quality physiotherapy care

Frequently asked questions

Virtual physiotherapy or Tele-Rehab is a remote appointment that occurs over confidential phone or preferably video conference. Your health care provider will connect at your scheduled appointment time, allowing you to attend from your own home. We use a secure remote healthcare platform. Tele-rehabilitation is an opportunity to speak privately with a physiotherapist online for a provisional diagnosis, exercise plan and rehabilitation strategy. This is great for all appointments that continue to need our guidance while waiting for hands on care until the risk of COVID-19 is lowered.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive (via email or text) a link to your appointment session from Embodia Academy platform. This will enable both an audio and video connection between you and your Physiotherapist. Any documentation that you need to review and complete prior to your appointment will be sent to you ahead of time. If at any time during the session either you or your physiotherapist feels that using electronic communications is limiting the effectiveness or quality of the physiotherapy services provided, He will look to schedule an in-person appointment with you.

The services are mainly the same. Our physiotherapists are required to meet the same regulatory and legislative requirements and adhere to their respective. Standards of Practice and Code of Conduct are as the same as for in-person services.
Ultimate Care Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic also has strict privacy and information security policies and procedures in place regarding the management of information when using electronic communication technologies.

At the beginning of a virtual care session, the physiotherapist will review your ID, obtain consent to participate in the session via our electronic communication platform and will then proceed with the assessment or treatment in a similar manner as for an in-person appointment, including discussing your medical history, concerns and current status. Any questions or concerns you may have about virtual care, such as privacy or follow-up sessions, are addressed during the session. Your physiotherapist will be able to provide you with a provisional diagnosis, education on your injury, appropriate management plans, and provide you with your rehabilitation exercises. In additional to treatments, they will be able to assess your status along your rehabilitation plan and make recommendations for your progression. Tele-rehab is an effective way to progress exercises and monitor your progress. This is important to ensure you do not fall behind or plateau during this time.

A laptop, a smartphone (Android or iPhone) or a tablet with a camera and a microphone. No software installation is required. You also need a space to do your exercises.

We are finding that a computer with Chrome browser works best, but all you should need is to click the link we provide. Just make sure you have a working camera and a microphone. It is always worth testing your setup before the appointment to make sure it all works.

Our physiotherapy services are available remotely from your home and in certain circumstances if our physiotherapists found that you need to come to the clinic in person, they will let you know.

If you are interested in making an appointment, contact us at 403 460 5974 or via email at and we will be happy to assist you.

Our virtual physiotherapy covers all areas in Alberta if you have access to internet.

To ensure you are ready for your appointment, you should:

  • Test your access to the video conference platform using the link you have received via email or text
  • Review the information you were provided about receiving virtual care services
  • Complete any required documents prior to the appointment

Yes, virtual physiotherapy services are available for office ergonomic evaluations. We may ask you to send to your physiotherapist via email specific photographs of your workstation prior to your appointment, including:

  • Side view seated in chair
  • Front view seated in chair
  • Full desk view
    Side view seated at computer
  • Position of telephone, mouse, keyboard
  • Photo of chair

MVA insurers, WCB and most medical benefits cover tele-rehab when provided by a registered Physiotherapist. Your receipt will be emailed to you when complete.

  1. Complete and return the consent form we sent you
  2. Test your technology in advance!
  3. Ensure you have space to do exercises without disruption
  4. Wear clothing that lets you move and allows us to see the area of your injury/function
  5. Have ready any gear you need (TheraBand, roller, weights, an exercise mat etc.)
  6. After connecting, you will be asked to complete the informed consent process to proceed with telerehabilitation instead of an in person visit. Your physiotherapist may ask that another person at your residence is present for the appointment. In this case your physiotherapist will also ask for this person’s consent
  7. Let your physiotherapist know if you have any questions

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